Thanks a Million!

Sheila Walsh and sponsored childMay 2, 2013 - World Vision Artists are excited to announce that we have reached the one millionth child sponsored through our artist partners!  A wide variety of musicians, dramatists, comedians, authors and speakers have toured regularly in conjunction with new project releases and represent the work of World Vision to their audiences.


By sharing the message of World Vision Sponsorship during performances, the artists successfully teach their audiences to understand both the desperate need and the wonderfMac Powell and Sponsored childul news that they can make a difference through child sponsorship.


Thanks to the dedication of over a thousand performers over the past 25 years, the message of how child sponsorship can change lives and give hope has been shared with their audiences and the response has been overwhelming. 


Jason Gray and sponsored child
To all of our artist partners, past and present, we want to say THANKS A MILLION!

   (If you want to check out who is currently partnering with us, click here)