Congratulations to our WV Artist Dove Award Nominees!

Congratulations to our artist partners who have been nominated for a Dove Award! read more

World Vision Aids Unaccompanied Children Fleeing Violence

As the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border intensifies, World Vision is providing essential supplies through partner organizations to help unaccompanied minors in transition centers across the United States. read more

New smartphone app makes reporting human trafficking possible for more Albanians

World Vision, Vodafone, and the government of Albania worked together to identify a new pan-European free short code that can be used from any phone to report suspected human trafficking. A new app gives Albanians the power to quickly report ... read more

"Vehicles Ready, Go Bags Packed"

To prepare for future possible hurricanes, Phyllis Freeman, World Vision’s director of domestic disaster response, says her team has been “working hard to be ready” for the storm season, which extends from June to the end of November. read more

3 Myths about helping the poor debunked

Through print and video, Bill and Melinda Gates dispel 3 myths associated with poverty around the world.  Click here to read this interactive letter or click the media link on the right side of this page for the .pdf file. Share | ... read more

World Vision joins the call for peace in Syria

January 23, 2014 - On the second day of Geneva II, children called on leaders for peace in this heart-wrenching video from World Vision.  Watch ... read more

World Vision responds to quake in China’s Sichuan Province

Today, World Vision staff began distributing 3,900 hygiene kits and Child-Friendly Kits to families in Ya’an, site of the 6.6-magnitude earthquake that struck China’s Sichuan province on Saturday. Read ... read more