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Children of the Brothel

Tumpa doesn’t know who her father is. She was just seven months along in her mother’s womb when he slithered out of her life. Tumpa’s mother is a prostitute. Her father was a client. He made promises to Tumpa’s mother that ... read more

Journey to Minakulu

My name is Violet Galaviz. The first time I heard about World Vision was at a Casting Crowns concert. It was during the intermission that I was moved by the testimonies of other sponsors. That evening I was introduced to Cedric Okala. I held his ... read more

Under the Big Tree

This past Friday, our wonderful writer/photographer team (Kari Costanza and Jon Warren) was in Tanzania, where they heard an amazing story of a community standing up to protect a little girl…from a very early marriage. This is what ... read more

3 Myths about helping the poor debunked

Through print and video, Bill and Melinda Gates dispel 3 myths associated with poverty around the world.  Click here to read this interactive letter or click the media link on the right side of this page for the .pdf file. Share | ... read more

World Vision joins the call for peace in Syria

January 23, 2014 - On the second day of Geneva II, children called on leaders for peace in this heart-wrenching video from World Vision.  Watch ... read more

Sheila Walsh: Seeing the Bigger Picture

The World Vision Artist Program is celebrating a great milestone: 1 million children sponsored over the past 25 years! We’ve asked a few of our artists to reflect on what it has meant to partner with World Vision in helping children have hope ... read more

World Vision responds to quake in China’s Sichuan Province

Today, World Vision staff began distributing 3,900 hygiene kits and Child-Friendly Kits to families in Ya’an, site of the 6.6-magnitude earthquake that struck China’s Sichuan province on Saturday. Read ... read more

My Ethiopia Water Walk

While we were in Ethiopia I wanted to walk in the shoes of an Ethiopian to see what their typical water walk was like. Many walk for miles 2 - 3 times per day to fetch water from creeks, ponds, and lakes.        A typical ... read more